Robin Roberts Interviews Michael J. Fox for WebMD's Health Hero Awards

Michael J. Fox : Hall of Fame Health Hero
Full bio:

When WebMD set out to present its very first Hall of Fame Health Hero award, the choice was not difficult. For the past 16 years, Michael J. Fox has been a tireless advocate for Parkinson’s disease awareness and research. He launched one of the world’s leading Parkinson’s foundations, which has raised millions of dollars to help wipe out this devastating disease. We deeply admire Mr. Fox’s significant contributions as an activist, philanthropist, and “honorary scientist” in raising awareness and supporting expanded research for Parkinson’s disease. We wish to highlight the work he and the foundation have done to support patients and families living with the disease and to successfully develop and manage a groundbreaking approach to biomedical research.

Fox learned he had Parkinson’s in 1991, when he was just 30 years old and at the height of his acting career. He’d recently finished a successful run as Alex P. Keaton in the popular sitcom Family Ties and had starred in three Back to the Future movies. In 1998, Fox revealed his condition to the public. Two years later, he stepped down from his role on the Fox network series Spin City to devote his time to Parkinson’s advocacy.